Our Aerospace Division is project-oriented and serves all the major Aerospace companies in India. In partnership with equipment manufacturers and specialist we serve the test and measurement needs of researchers, designers and engineers in the RAB Industry with a wide range of measuring tools. Tesscorn has supplied engineered products and test systems for the testing of gas turbine engines since 1995. Tesscorn has in the past, and continues today, to market quality aircraft test equipment to the aircraft maintenance industry. Our imaging systems and motion analysis software are being used by defense scientist to study launches from the wings of a fighter plane.
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Test Stands and test equipment for military aircraft and commercial airlines
Aircraft Lube Test Stand
Aircraft Fuel Test Stand
Aircraft Hydraulic Test Stand
Electrical Power Test Stand
Pneumatic Test Stand
Measurement Systems for Centre of Gravity (CG) - Moment of Inertia (MOI) - Combined CG and MOI - Spin Balance Machines - Weight and Center of Gravity - Precision Centrifuges - Gimbal Balance Machines - Moment Weight Scales - Igniter Circuit Testers
High Speed Slip-Rings, High or Low Temperature Strain Gage Applications, Thermistors, Accelerometers and Velocimeters, Dynamic or Steady-State Pressure Measurement
Blade Tip Clearance Measurement System
Thermocouples/RTD/MI Cable, Heaters, Thrusters, etc
High-speed CMOS cameras for Range, Aerospace, and Ballistics (RAB)
Advanced motion analysis on military test ranges
Optical and interferometric systems for vibration analysis, nondestructive testing, stress and strain analysis and surface topography measurements.
Crash Data Recorder - Deployable FDR/CVR/ELT Systems -
Boresigting Systems -
Air Borne Weapon Separation Video Systems