Tesscorn Automotive Division markets testing equipment to automotive and petroleum industries. Our products have been applied to a wide range of vehicles, systems and individual components. We sell instruments to designers and engineers for diverse automotive applications, from aerodynamics studies to basic engine performance research.
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Test rigs dedicated to automotive equipmenta and cars manufacturers.
On-line wear measurement, monitoring of oil aeration, oil consumption measurement, monitoring of oil dilution on running engines, Studying poisoning of catalysts and DPFs,
Radiation Monitoring Equipment and Nuclear Spectroscopy
Optical characteristics of materials, emitters or light sources
Measuring and testing technology for the vehicle passenger safety
High speed digital video cameras for onboard automotive testing, solution for image capture in confined spaces such as foot wells or engine compartments
Motion analysis of video and high-speed digital image sequences in automotive industry
Wind tunnel test techniques and instrumentation for experimental fluid mechanics
Large payload sled systems for dynamic testing of automotive seating and restraint systems (crash dummy testing), Full-Scale Crash Test Facility,
Size distribution of engine-exhaust particle emissions, particle number concentration measurements
Optical and interferometric systems for vibration analysis, nondestructive testing, stress and strain analysis and surface topography measurements.
Goniophotometer for automotive lighting, retroreflector, tristimulus colorimeter, software package for photometric equipment
Laser non-destructive tire testing