Our product offerings include best-in-class light measurement systems for the automotive industry and for test & certification bodies. The systems we sell are qualified to test Automotive lighting products to SAE and Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) requirements. The automotive lighting products get the "e" Mark after they have been tested and found to be in compliance with photometric and spectral color testing requirements using our system.
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Integrating spheres
Tristimulus colorimeter
Transmittance and reflectance measurement
Luminance standard
Calibrated bulbs
Standard Lamps for Integrating Spheres and
Standard Flux Lamps for Vehicle Lights
Spectral Calibration Bulbs
Standard Intensity Bulb WI41G
Software package for photometric equipment
DC power supply
Measuring Sockets for Vehicle Lamps
Complete test systems for display measurements, test setups for precise measurements of all existing radiometric photometric and colorimetric parameters.
Luminance Measurement of lit push-buttons, LCD displays, Head-up-displays, LED Displays.