We market an array of performance testing instruments to certify general lighting products like Lamps, Luminaires, HID and Fluorescent Ballast, Electric Signs and Displays. Tesscorn is a supplier of high quality fully computerized distribution photometers, integrating spheres and other specialist light measuring equipment for commercial and industrial lighting. Our product range include Mirror Goniophotometers for measurement of light distribution and luminous flux of lamps and luminaires for general lighting applications and customers range from lighting industry, national testing & certification laboratories and government organizations. In addition to performance testing Tesscorn also markets electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing systems and provide Calibration services for lighting equipment.
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Integrating sphere photometer employing _ (lambda) corrected Photometer or spectrometer,
Calibrated standard lamp,
Measuring sockets for general purpose lamps general photometers & colorimeters
Test systems for lighting industry, test instruments for luminaires
LED series test & measurement instruments, test and measurement instruments for electronic ballast
EMI test instruments,
EMS test instruments,
Digital power meters,
Electrical safety testers,
Special power supply series,
Accurate AC multifunction calibration equipments
Complete test systems for LED and display measurements,
Mini/Compact array spectrometers (diode array and CCD)
Fast scanning spectrometers with single or double monochromator
Imaging Photometer and Colorimeter,
Polarization analyzers (including system for stress birefringence measurements)
Luminance measurement of street and tunnel illumination
Indoor luminance measurement (glare) of luminaries
Measurement of Surgical Lights
Reflection Measurement with Integration Sphere (8°)
Transmission Measurement with Integrating Sphere