Given below is a detailed A-z listing in alphabetical order of all out products. Click on a product to take you to the relavent page for more information.
2D motion analysis
3D motion analysis
6D motion analysis
2Dimensional Image Analysis Software (2DIAS)
32-channel TDAS G5 system
Airborne Data Collection System (ADCS)
Airborne Power Distribution System (APDS)
Air Data Probe and AIMMS-20
Aerodynamic Particle Sizer® Spectrometer
Aerosol Diluter
Aerosol Electrometer
Aerosol generators & dispersers
Aerosol Neutralizers
Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers
Atmospheric monitoring
Atomizers Automated filter test
Automated Filter Testers
Aerosol Photometer
Air Mover
Airbag Inflator Test
Airbag Gas Generatior (Can-Test)
Acceleration sled systems
Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD)
Automatic Test Equipment for Electronics (ATE)
Accelerometers & Velocimeters
Analog or Digital Recording
Air Data Sensors
Airframe Cables
Automatic tracking & advanced motion analysis
Advanced motion analysis
Anechoic test rooms
Array Spectrometer (CCD-based)
Aging-life tester
AFM probes
Body Block System
Biodynamic testing of automobiles
Blue Light Converter, Airborne
Basic Airborne Data Collection System
Blue Light Converter (BLC)
Blade Tip clearance measurement
Blade Vibration Monitoring
Blade tip timing and tip clearance
Ballistic Range Camera
Chemical characterization
Condensation Monodisperse Aerosol Generator
Condensation Particle Counters
Conductive Silicone Tubing for Particle Transport
Cloud Droplet Probe (CDP)
Cloud Imaging Probe (CIP)
Cloud Combination Probe (CCP)
Cloud Aerosol & Precipitation Spectrometer (CAPS)
Cloud Spectrometer and Impactor (CSI)
Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter, Single Growth Columns
Cloud Condensation Nuclei Counter, Dual Growth Columns
Cameras for onboard vehicle crash
Camera Positioning System
Crash dummy testing
Crash pulses
Crash test dummies
Computer crash simulation models
Colorimeter Heads
Calibration Sources
Calibrated bulbs
CCD-array spectrometer
Compact Goniophotometer SMS 10 µ
Center of Gravity
Circuit Testers
Capacitive Sensors
Camera turret for UAV and Aerostats
Centrifugal Stress Testing
CCD high speed camera
Cameras for military ballistics testing
Cockpit Video Recording System
Color measurements
CCD-array camera for luminance measurements
CCD-array camera for color measurements
Compact Array Spectrometer (CCD-based)
Color temperature meters
Custom-modified AFM probes
Diffusion Dryer
Display Testing
Digital Power Meter to test lighting appliance
Dynamic testing of automotive seating
Dynamic testing of restraint systems
Decelerator sled systems
Data acquisition systems for in-dummy applications
Data acquisition systems for on-vehicle applications
Dynamic or Steady-State Pressure Measurement
Disk crack detection for Low Cycle Fatigue
Deployable Flight Incident Recorder Set
Digitizing images (film or video)
Dynamic loading
Digilumen 9500
DC Power Supply SNT 10
Electrical Aerosol Detector
Electrical detectors
Electrospray Aerosol Generator
Electrostatic Classifiers & Differential Mobility Analyzers
Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer™ Spectrometer
Electromechanical Actuator Test Equipment
Electrical Power Generating System
Engine Speed Sensors
EGT Probes
EMI test instruments
Electrolytic capacitor leakage current tester
EB test of CFL, FL, FCL, CCFL, HID lamp
EMI test receiver
EMC measurement of lighting equipment
Fast Mobility Particle Sizer™ Spectrometer
Filter test systems
Fluidized Bed Aerosol Generator
Fluorescence Aerosol Particle Sensor
Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probe
Fog Monitor
Fuel Components and System Test Stands
Flight Follower
Framing Camera
Fringe projection systems for profiling
Fringe projection systems for vibration measurements
Fringe projection systems for static deflection measurements
Fifth Percentile VIP, Non-instrumented ATD-32007
GO-R100 Moving Mirror Goniophotometers
GO-DS Centric Mirror Goniophotometers
Goniophotometer For LED
Gearbox Test Stands
Gas Bearings
Gimbal Balance Machines
Goniophotometer SMS 10 M
Goniophotometer SMS 10 C
Goniophotometer system SMS 10 S
Goniophotometer with GTB & SAE recommendations
Hot-Wire Liquid Water Sensor
High performance goniophotometer SMS 10 H
Highly specialized goniophotometer system
Hyper-Size Luminance Measurement Goniometer
High-Dynamic luminance measurements
Hydraulic Components & Systems Test Equipment
High Speed Slip-Rings
High/Low Temperature Strain Gage Applications
High Speed Photography
Heating elements
High temperature Capacitive Sensors
High Cycle Fatigue in Gas Turbine Engines
High-resolution CMOS high speed camera
High-Speed Digital Camera
High frequency vibration measurement
High-power flash lamp for ballistics applications
High speed Cameras for onboard vehicle crash
High-G (hyge) mega-pixel high speed camera
Head Impact System
High Speed Photometrics
Hybrid III 5th Female Crash Test Dummy
Hybrid III 50th Percentile Male Crash Test Dummy
Hybrid III 95th Large Male Dummy
Hybrid II 50th Percentile Male Test Dummy
High Voltage Sockets
Integrating Nephelometer
Immersion probes
Intensified cameras for flame & combustion studies
ILS Intensified Lens Systems
Integrating Sphere ITS 10
Integrating Sphere diffuse & directional light source KMS 10
Induction plasma technology
Integrated plasma systems
Induction plasma powder treatment
Imaging Photometer and Colorimeter
Integrating spheres (30mm~3000mm diameter)
Illuminance meters (Lux-meters)
Luminance standard LDN 10
Luminance meter LMS 20
Luminance standard LDN 10
Lamp sockets
Lamp Sockets for Integrating Spheres
Luca luminance measurement
Luca rayset
Large-Particle Aerosol Generator
Laser Photometer
Low-Flow Thermodenuder
Laskin Nozzle Aerosol generator
Longitudinal Scanning Probe
Laser Doppler Velocimetry
LDV System 1-Component
LDV System 2-Component
LDV System 3-Component
Lube Oil Accessory Test Equipment
Load Bank
Lens Intensifier System
Laser-Induced Incandescence (LII)
Large payload sled systems
Luminance measurements
Luminance meters
LED measurement adapters
Light sources
LED Electrical Property Analyzer
LED Luminous Flux Tester
LED Photometric Colorimetric & Electric Test System
LED Relative Brightness Meter
Luca luminance measurement for high-pressure discharge lamps
LCR meters
MacroIMS™ Macroion Mobility Spectrometer
Macromolecule analyzer
Mass Flowmeter for Aerosol Research Applications
Mass spectrometer
Monodisperse aerosol generators
Meteorological Particle Spectrometer (MPS)
Mass Properties Instruments
Moment Of Inertia
Moment Weight Scales
Magnetic Speed Sensors
Mineral Insulated Signal Transmission Cables
Miniature, two-axis gyro-stabilized Camera turret
Mega pixel CMOS PCI high speed camera
Motion analysis on military test ranges
Modal analysis
Multi-engine test cells
Multi-Channel Framing Camera
Multi-headed flash source
Motion analysis in the automotive industry
Measurements of deformations
Measurements of airbag volume
Measurements of dummy head accelerations
Measurements of steering column penetration
Measuring plants for all sorts of airbag systems
Measuring luminous flux (luminous power)
Measuring luminous colour
Measuring system and control unit for goniophotometer
Measuring luminance of car license plates (ECE R4)
Measuring Sockets for Vehicle Lamps
Measurement of emission spectra (UV, VIS, NIR range)
Muscovite mica
Materials processing and surface treatment
MEMSMap 510
MicroMap 5010
MEMS analysis
MEMS devices (CE Certified)
Mirror Goniophotometers
Moving Mirror Goniophotometers
Mini-Array-Spectrometer (CCD-based)
Measuring Sockets for General Purpose Lamps
m-Lux meters
Magnetic element selector
Ninety-Fifth Percentile VIP, Non-instrumented ATD-3100
Nanometer Aerosol Sampler
Nanoparticle aerosol monitors
Nanoparticle Surface Area Monitor
Non destructive testing of small structures
Nano eNabler System
Nanopowder synthesis
Non-intrusive Stress Measurement Systems (NSMS)
Non destructive testing
Non destructive testing of large structures
Noise and acoustic control products
Non-contact automated gloss measurement
Optical particle counters
Optical probes
Optical spectrometers
Outside Air Temperature Sensors
On-Engine Cables
Off-Engine Electrical Cables
Optical and eddy current sensors
Opening systems test rigs for car manufacturers
Online Retro-Reflectometer ‘Reflex Checker’ RMM 10
Particle counters and detectors
Particle Generator
Polydisperse aerosol generators
Positive Injection Pump
Photo-Acoustic Soot Spectrometer, Single-Wavelength
Photo- acoustic Soot & Aerosol Sensor, Three Wavelength
Particle Analysis & Display System (PADS)
Passive Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe (PCASP-X)
Precipitation Imaging Probe (PIP)
Pressure Cavity Aerosol Spectrometer Probe
Particle image velocimetry
PDPA System 1-Component
PDPA System 2-Component
PDPA System 3-Component
Phase Doppler Particle Analyzers
PIV System 2D
PIV System Global Sizing Velocimeter (GSV)
PIV System MicroPIV
PIV System StereoPIV
PIV System Time Resolved
Phase Doppler Interferometry (PDI)
Pressure Measurement
Photometer digilux 9500
Precise photometer according to DIN 5032
Precise photometer according to CIE Publication No. 69
Precision lamp holders for different lamp types
Premium grade V-1 muscovite mica
Plasma technology
Plasma gas recycling
Powder spheroidization
Plasma densification/purification
Plasma synthesis of nanopowders
Plasma spray coating and deposition of near net shaped parts
Plasma synthesis and deposition of new materials
Plasma treatment of toxic waste
Plasma surface treatment of natural & artificial stone
Polarization Analysis
Positioner systems
Photometer heads
Photometric analysis of indoor & outdoor luminaries
Photometric analysis of roadway luminaries
Photometric analysis of floodlights
Photometric analysis of tungsten halogen lamps
Photometric analysis of metal halide lamps
Photometric analysis of emitting lights
Pneumatically propelled sled
Programmable decelerator
Quadri-pole lamp holders
Retro-Reflectometer RMS10
Reflex Checker RMM 10
Respirator cartridge testing
Respirator certification fit testing
Respirator Leak Tester
Resistance Temperature Detectors
Rigid Thermocouple Rake
Range motion analysis tracking
Retrofit operation of existing rigs
Rigsintegrated into climatic chambers
Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer™ Spectrometers
Submicrometer Monodisperse Aerosol Generation System
Supermicrometer Monodisperse Aerosol Generation System
Supermicrometer particle sizers
Surface area monitors
Stainless Steel Digital Probe
Single Particle Soot Photometer
Steering test rigs for car manufacturers
Steering systems rigs
Sled technology
Servo-hydraulic sleds
Sled System
Small Side Impact Dummy
Spin Balance Machines
Slip rings
Strain Gage Applications
Sound field
SNT 4045
Static loading
Static deflection measurement
System Luxmeter
System Photometer SMS 10s
Standard Intensity Bulb WI41G
SNT 10
Sindex Chip surfaces
Spheroidization of powders
Suspension Plasma Spraying (SPS)
SPT (Surface Patterning Tool)
Sindex Chips "Paper"
Sindex Chips
Surface Patterning Tools
Synthesis of materials
Scanning & array based optical spectrometers
Spectral analysis software
Spectrum Analyzer
SPEKTRON coating integrating sphere
Switching transistor selector
Thermal Anemometry System
Test Equipment is for Pneumatic Components
Test Facilities & Special Systems
Testers & Test Sets
Thermocouples, RTD's or Thermistors
Tip clearance measurement
Turbine Blade Tip clearance measurement
Total Air Temperature
Temperature sensors
Trajectory Tracker
TEMA Automotive
Test rigs for hoses (air, water, glycol, oil)
Test rigs for gearbox command cables
Test rigs for seats
Test rigs for electric motors
Test rigs for shock
Test rigs for creeping
Testing plants for automotive components
TNO-10 dummy
Thermal Aerosol Generator
Two-Dimensional Image Analysis Software (2DIAS)
Turn-key plasma systems
Thermal plasma spraying
Thermal plasma technology
Transferred arc plasma melting
Tungsten microspheres
Tristimulus colorimeter FMS 10
Tristimulus colorimeter FMS 10
TeleFlash Non-contact-Spectrophotometer
Transmittance and Reflectance Measurement
Testers for input & output characteristics of EB
Ultrafine particle counters
Ultraviolet Aerodynamic Particle Sizer® Sensor
Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer
Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol Spectrometer, Airborne
Ultra Framing Camera
Ultra High-Speed Cameras
Ultra-high resolution image intensifiers
UV- TipCleaner
UV-B Radiometry
UV radiometers
V-1 muscovite mica
Vibrating Orifice Aerosol Generator
VibroMap 1000
Vibration & static deflection measurements
Video projectile tracking system
Wind tunnels
Weight & Center Of Gravity